Executive Committee

Meet the Executive Committee


Doug Aden





Doug was born and raised in Colorado where he attended Colorado State University, earning a BS in Business Administration. He is the owner of BSI-Crowd Control, LLC, and raises livestock. He was on a nationally televised debate when he ran for Congress in 2010. He has served three terms as county chairman and is currently serving as the National Vice-Chairman of Constitution Party. He has been married to Terri for over 25 years and they are the parents and educators of six children.

Lynette Kilpatrick





Although Mrs. Kilpatrick has only been in the party four years, she has been extremely active at the county, state, and national levels. She is the Weld County Chairman, has been a candidate for local offices multiple times, and is involved in a variety of boards, committees, other volunteer activities in her community.



Roger Olds





Mr. Olds has long been committed to promoting a return to the principles behind our God-inspired Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  The problems so greatly plaguing us today can only be solved by addressing their cause, our departure from those eternal principles that made these United States the greatest nation on earth and which can do so again.



Gerald Kilpatrick





Mr. Kilpatrick has over 35 years of corporate accounting and private practice experience that he brings to our committee. He has served as Treasurer for our County, National, and for our Presidential and local candidates. He also gives back to his community by providing his services to several non-profit and church organizations.


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